What Is Hepatitis “C”

Hepatitis “C” is the most serious form of liver disease. Before this virus could be caught just at blood transfusion, but today donors’ blood passes thorough examination on existence of any viruses. Worldwide there are not more than two percent of hepatitis virus carriers; most often this virus is transmitted through unsterile needles, from sick mother to a fetus and at sexual contact.

At addicts who “sit on the needle” use of one syringe for all is a frequent phenomenon. In fact, such way of infection is the most widespread.

Promiscuity in sexual partners is also able to lead to infection, as hepatitis “C”, as well as AIDS can be transmitted sexually from the contactor to the contactor, and it is also fatal. By the way, it is considered that danger to catch a virus at sexual contact in this case is not big.

As to transfer of hepatitis “C” virus from mother to a fetus, it can be met rather seldom and occurs just in those mothers that have an active virus. Such probability of infection becomes much more real if the woman is also diseased with AIDS. If she is lucky and the infection has not touch the child no need be afraid of anything in future as with maternal milk hepatitis “C” cannot be transmitted.

It is worth remembering that it is not obligatory to be an addict for catching the virus. It can be also transmitted at doing a tattoo, sessions of acupuncture and when piercing ears. To define who a source of infection is not always possible. In more than 40% of such cases it is not possible to define who spreads the infection.

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