What Is Hepatitis “B”?

The virus of hepatitis “B” can cause both acute illness and its chronic form. It is transmitted through a blood and other liquids of human body. Hepatitis “B” is very dangerous; about 800 thousand people on the planet die of its action every year; the virus of this sort is the main risk of infection for health workers. Today ways of prevention of this disease are found by means of rather effective vaccine injection.

The virus of hepatitis “B” represents real threat for human life. Liver infection which this causative agent carries out is the problem number one for health care today. Hepatitis “B” is a direct way to development of a chronic liver disease, its cirrhosis or cancer. According to WHO data more than 240 million people in the world have chronic (infectious) liver diseases. In those who had this type of hepatitis steady immunity until the end of life is formed.

In 1982 very effective vaccine which reliably protects the person from infection with a virus and from its pernicious consequences came to access for mass use. This vaccine is the first step on the way of fight against a main type of cancer of the striking a human. The similar virus affects the liver of gophers and groundhogs that gives the chance to use them when developing medicinal preparations and vaccines.

Everybody should remember that the hepatitis “B” virus is very infectious and adopted for influence of environment where it can keep viability within a week (even being in a drop of the dried-up blood).

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