What Is “D” Hepatitis. Diagnosing And Treatment

 “D” virus of a look of has a peculiar defect thanks to which it is not able to breed in a human body independently; for this purpose it needs a virus assistant. This assistant for it is the virus of hepatitis “B”; such tandem in total leads to very serious disease of a liver. In this case only persons who are infected with a virus of hepatitis “B” are receptive to the hepatitis “D”.

Infectious diseases specialist, to whom in case of illness transition to a chronic phase of complications hepatologist and gastroenterologists are joined diagnose and treat the hepatitis “D”. As the main criterion for statement of the diagnosis laboratory blood analyses serve which show the existence of the antibodies in it specific only to this virus.

Acute hepatitis of “D” is treated strictly at the hospital conditions as full treatment requires the integrated approach caused by disease severity and it is possible just at hospital.

The acute form of the hepatitis “D” can come to the end without special injury for the person, and he completely will recover, or hepatitis will gradually pass into a chronic stage. If the patient carries out completely all recommendations prescribed by doctors, keep a diet, regimen of rest and work, not to be subjected to emotional stresses, and to use drugs opportunely, the disease may be considerably relieved that will allow to postpone the development of serious consequences like cirrhosis and cancer of liver.

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