Hepatitis Types and Ways Of Infection

The inflammatory viral disease of a liver is called hepatitis. Whether the patient will be able to recover completely having such disease depends just on what form of the virus ha has got. It is necessary to say that the acute liver disease is rather well treated; but if it transformed into a chronic form it is almost impossible to cure it.

Hepatitis is a disease which is better to avoid than to treat hardly. Opportunity to get the infection can be lowered several times if to follow simple rules of hygiene and to show precaution in all that can lead to becoming infected.

Hepatitis viruses have two main ways of penetration into a human body. The first is with water or food,; doctors call it “the illness of dirty arms”; this way is characteristic just to viruses “A” and “E”. Infection with these viruses can arise if not to follow simple rules of hygiene, and also in case of failures in systems of water supply and work of treatment facilities. These are the main criteria with which it is possible to explain a high morbidity rate of these hepatitis viruses in the countries with a low level of development. The whole world is also not “sterile” therefore it is possible to catch this form of hepatitis always if not to follow rules of hygiene.

The second way of becoming infected is a transmitting of viruses through a blood. Such way of transmitting is used by viruses “B”, “C”, “G” and “D”. Hepatitis “B” and “C” are the most dangerous as the consequences of their action are very serious and deadly to the infected patients.

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