Hepatitis “B” Symptoms And Chronicity

Stage of the acute infection with hepatitis “B” doesn’t cause any side symptoms; therefore, most often it passes unnoticed in most of people. However, in some infected people the period of the acute disease lasts some weeks running and proceeds hard. During this period the patient has a yellowness cutaneous covering and eye whites, incredible fatigue, nausea, vomiting, urine darkens and there is an abdominal pain.

In many people the virus of hepatitis “B” is capable to cause a chronic liver disease which transforms into cirrhosis or cancer of liver in time. However, nevertheless, nearly ninety percent of the adults who got infection with hepatitis “B” recover and completely win against a virus approximately for half a year.

Whether virus infection will be a chronic completely depends on at what age patient was infected with hepatitis “B”. Children who are not six years old yet are most of all subjected to development of chronic diseases. Thus, development of a chronic infection is observed at ninety percent of the children infected in the first year of their life and fifty percent in those who was infected during the period from one to six years.

Development of chronic liver disease in adults makes five percent for those who has no other associated diseases. Twenty five percent and more who was infected with hepatitis “B” in the childhood perish from associated diseases – cirrhosis and liver cancer.

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