In What Situations Infection With Virus “G” Is Possible?

The most often fund situations at which people can get the infection with the virus “G” are following:

• Blood of the donor which has not been checked properly was transfused to the patient. This way of infection is quite real as the quantity of carriers of this virus type on the planet is about two percent of potential donors. Obligatory testing of a blood of donors for hepatitis causative agents’ presence became result of such statistical data. Unfortunately, the risk to catch a virus of the hepatitis “G” increases every time when repeated blood transfusions are required for the patient.

• Application of an unsterile needle for intravenous injections by several people at the same time. This way of infection is the most widespread and concerns generally the persons using narcotic drugs injections;

• Promiscuity can also provoke the infection with the virus of hepatitis “G”, such way is very insignificant but you shouldn’t be relaxed, perhaps, you can appear that person who will get an infection;

• Transmitting of the virus from mother to the baby; about a half of children who were born of mother with the hepatitis “G”, inherited this virus. Risk to get infection of a fetus becomes more obvious if mother is sick with an active form of the virus or during the last trimester she got sick with hepatitis. Worst of all is the situation when besides hepatitis the woman also has HIV infection. It is worth remembering that the hepatitis “G” isn’t transmitted with maternal milk.

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