Hepatitis “A” Prophylaxis And Diagnosis

If to keep health regulations, thoroughly wash all products and to do vaccination, measures against hepatitis will help to avoid infection.

Virus transmission is possible to stop if:

• To provide supply of renovated water;

• To utilize waste water correctly;

• To keep rules of personal hygiene washing arms with renovated water before food use.

Besides, some vaccines from hepatitis “A” virus are applied today; they are rather reliable for protection against virus and its side effects. Unfortunately, there are no any vaccines for babies before one year old.

In all vaccinated people within a month after the vaccination antibodies are developed able to protect from the aggressive virus. One such dose keeps ability of the person to counteract infection after direct contact to a virus carrier within 14 days. Producers recommend using of two vaccine doses to provide long term of protection which in this case can be from five to eight years.

Any severe reactions to the vaccination was revealed in those who has carried out vaccination against hepatitis “A”; therefore it can be added to the program of general immunization of population whose activity is connected to trips to unfavorable regions.

“A” hepatitis Symptoms clinically don’t differ from other types of viral hepatitis, therefore to determine the exact type it is required to carry out blood test on antibodies which are specific to each virus.

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