Hepatitis “A” Manifestations

The disease begins with the increased temperature which keeps from four to ten days, malaise, appetite loss, constant nausea, retching, and muscular pain.

At the following stage of illness the liver is already involved in process, urine gets dark color. Approximately in two days the skin and eyes whites turn yellow, the stool becomes colorless; with the these symptoms temperature and nausea pass, however the patient starts feeling an internal itch and abdominal pain.

Some people may have hepatitis absolutely asymptomatically, especially children, therefore the disease may pass unnoticed or the doctor will make absolutely other diagnosis. Hepatitis “A” seldom seriously injures liver, but nevertheless, there are cases when it leads to a hepatic deficiency which in turn can lead to a lethal outcome. Statistically the majority of those who had viral hepatitis recovered completely (in difference from hepatitis “B” and “C” which provoke chronic inflammatory process in liver tissues). Besides, in those who had this disease the immunity to this type of hepatitis is developed.

To avoid infection with hepatitis “A” besides hygienic measures it is necessary to remember that vaccination against virus is the most effective way of disease prophylaxis. For those who travel to over the countries with a high epidemiological threshold vaccination is the only way not to catch during long distant trip, usually attending physician can make the recommendation to what countries it is obligatory to do vaccination before trip.

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