Hepatitis “B” Infection Mechanism

The statistics shows that the most widespread way of infection with a hepatitis virus is at beauty shops (manicure, pedicure), tattoo and piercing which use the pricking and cutting subjects for performance of manipulations related to their professions. On the second place intravenous use of drugs and usually one needle can be used for the big company. On the third place, the virus can be “picked up” at medical institutions. Most often it occurs at a blood transfusion which has not been subjected to sufficient testing or at blood transfusion directly from the donor, and also as a result of use of poor disinfected operational tools and tools for treatment of teeth.

The virus by means of blood or other liquids of the person which is transmitted from the patient a healthy organism infecting it. But nevertheless most often it occurs because of the subjects that have not been processed properly at beauty shops, and unsterile tools for drawing tattoos.

The virus lives in the infected person everywhere: in tears, feces, urine and saliva (in all liquid discharges) if the person who communicates with this patient has a damaged skin area or one of the discharges liquids will get on mucous of this person, he risks to get infection with a hepatitis virus. However we won’t begin paint the devil blacker than he is; such probability is too small and concerns children who can get hepatitis much quicker.

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