How It Is possible To Be Infected With Hepatitis “B”

The virus of hepatitis “B” can get into a blood when carrying out various medical manipulations which are connected with blood discharge – surgery, application of foreign blood and dentistry. There are also different ways of infection: drawing tattoo, application of injecting intravenous drugs and sex contacts. The probability to get infection from the sex partner is not absolute, but nevertheless the one fourth of contactors quantity may catch. Besides, if the infected partner is a woman, she having become pregnant may infect the baby during incubation of the fetus.

Infection symptomatology:

• Unusual fatigability;

• Nagging pain in hypochondria;

• Appetite loss, vomiting;

• Icteric skin and eyes color;

• Feces discoloration;

• Urine darkening;

• Joint pains.

Hepatitis “B” is widespread in the world; its danger generally lies in severe influence on a liver, up to emergence of cirrhosis or cancer tumor. This type of hepatitis requires an immediate medical intervention and the quicker treating will start, the more favorable is forecast for the patient; thus, the absolute recovery becomes more probable.

Now anywhere in the world there are no medicines which can guarantee absolute convalescence and elimination of the penetrated virus. Nevertheless, the treatment is available which allows keeping relative health and working capacity for long term to this important organ, and today helps many patients having the diagnosis hepatitis “B”.

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