Hepatitis “B” Incubation Period And Its Treatment

The period of reproduction of virus “B” has running start with the period of 50 days up to half a year; in each patient the incubation interval is individual. Generally, the symptomatology of hepatitis “B” is similar to manifestations of hepatitis “A”, but nevertheless has a difference which is expressed in gradual change of health of the patient, and also that a disease course is much more severe than “A” hepatitis. At this form of illness almost always there is a yellowness of skin and eyes, appetite loss, working capacity disappears, and there is a weakness and fatigability. Very often patients have an unpleasant rush which is followed by itch.

Hepatitis “B” affects the liver more severely, and therefore its course is much serious. Depression or complete cessation of bile discharge may cause a hepatic coma in the infected patient; besides, illness can pass into a phase of chronic process, which is a direct way to cirrhosis and even cancer. However, in case of full treatment in the organism resistant immunity to a virus until the end of life is formed.

In spite of the fact that the modern level of medicine is very high today, to recover completely from hepatitis “B” virus is very difficult. However, special medicines containing interferon make the most favorable effect on liver and therefore, they are quite often prescribed at chronic courses of the disease. Among the antiviral medicines intended for treatment of hepatitis “B” nucleosides have a good popularity.

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