Immunization against hepatitis “A”

Carrying out vaccination of the population against hepatitis “A” virus has to be comprehensive and include plans on preventive measures against this disease. It is natural that planning of programs of large-scale type involves heavy expenses; therefore before their introduction it is necessary to carry out thoroughly the analysis of financial state and, in case of need, to develop additional ways of prophylaxis.

To include or not to include vaccination against hepatitis in the regular program of children vaccination depends completely on the local budget and how the region is subjected to influence of this virus. Some countries, such as Israel, Turkey, China, Argentina and USA, included vaccination against hepatitis “A” into the obligatory program for children immunization.

The majority of the countries use the two-dose scheme of vaccination as it gives more reliable and long protective effect against the virus; but in some countries still inject one dose of the vaccine.

The compulsory vaccination against hepatitis “A” is prescribed to people who are subject ted to the increased risk of infection. These are:

• Persons who often visit places where this virus constantly circulates in the environment;

• Homosexuals;

• The persons having chronic liver diseases.

Together with vaccination it is also worth carrying out health education of people regarding hygienic rules on use of foodstuff; all this in complex will help to avoid epidemic situations.

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