Hepatitis “E”: Ways of Transmitting

Hepatitis “E” is an inflammatory process in the blood-producing human organ (liver) which is caused with virus of hepatitis “E”. This virus is capable to be transmitted only mainly through the crude water therefore application of pure water will allow to avoid infection.

Symptoms of this hepatitis are similar to other forms of viruses:

• Strong fatigability;

• appetite loss;

• skin and eyes yellowing;

• urine and feces discoloration, etc.

This type of hepatitis is very dangerous for pregnant women, and almost always leads to death of a fetus in mother’s womb. Hepatitis “E” virus is revealed by the enlarged quantity of antibodies in a blood of the infected person, and also on existence of its DNA material.

Hepatitis “E” is treated at isolation hospital; the main conditions of treatment are dietary nutrition and therapy which is used only for elimination of the concomitant symptoms. In order hepatitis “E” does not become a cause of illness it is just required to follow the established rules of hygiene.

The main sources of the virus are sick people who discharge various liquids (saliva, urine, tears and so forth) and feces a huge number of active viruses in the environment which at the negligent attitude can appear in water or food of the healthy person that will naturally lead to his infection. Therefore such patients are treated at departments of the enclosed type where full sanitary disposal of all subjects that patients touch is carried out and their discharges of vital activity.

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