Hepatitis “D” Infection Mechanism

Infection with the hepatitis “D” can occur at a blood transfusion therefore as carriers of this virus are about 2% of people who constantly take a blood testthe donor blood before transfusion to the patient, is thoroughly checked on presence of viruses of hepatitis. However risk to get infection remains and even increases at a repeated blood transfusion or medicines made from it.

Also high probability of infection exists when using one needle by drug addicts at intravenous injections. In such a way it is possible to get hepatitis “B” and “D” which can also be got after having visited a tattoo salon, medical acupuncture or puncturing ears. It happens if the used tools were not sterile. Viruses of the hepatitis “D”, as well as “C”, “B” and “G” are transmitted also sexually, but most often the virus of hepatitis “B” is able to be transmitted at sexual contact.

The next way of virus “D” diffusion – from sick mother to the developing fetus is met rather seldom. The risk of infection may be increased if the pregnant woman has an active virus or last months of pregnancy was ill with an acute hepatitis. The probability to catch the virus becomes more real if future mother except hepatitis has also AIDS. If mother has caught after the delivery, it is worth remembering that the hepatitis virus isn’t transmitted through mother’s milk.

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