Where Hepatitis “B” Virus Is Most Widespread

The virus “B” causes an acute hepatitis with all symptoms accompanying it: a yellowing of a skin and whites of the eyes, delicacy, vomiting and an abdominal pain which can keep about several weeks.

Hepatitis “B” on the African continent, to the south of Sahara and is most of all widespread in east Asia. Many inhabitants of these regions catch this infection in the childhood and approximately at 10% living there fix the chronic course of a disease.

A little smaller indicator of a case rate is fixed by a virus of hepatitis near Amazon, in the South and in the center of Europe. There is an infected population in the countries of the Middle East and on the Indian peninsula (to 5%). Least of all infected with a virus “B” in countries of Western Europe and the North of the American continent (less than 1%).

In districts of mass diffusion of the virus a way of its transmitting most often is from mother to children. In those places where the virus is widespread less everything, hepatitis is transmitted also through amniotic liquid, however, the main ways of transfer of a virus from the person to the person, in these regions are sexual contacts and unsterile needles, especially among drug addicts.

To be afraid to catch hepatitis “B” through not washed products or water isn’t necessary; the virus isn’t capable even to extend at usual contacts. You remember – the infection is capable to get into an organism only with a blood and other liquids of the person.

The period of reproduction of a virus “B” (incubation) is approximately peer to two and a half months, but can be and half a year, it is possible to tap it in a month after a becoming infected.

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