Disease Genesis And Clinical Course

The main way of infection with the virus “D” occurs through sexual contact; but it starts working only in the presence of an active virus “B”. This originator builds itself in a genome of a virus “B”, enlarging its synthesis process. In this case infection of the person occurs with two viruses at once that increases severity of illness course, and also consequences from such “cooperation”.

If the organism by the time of virus “D” penetration suffered from an acute stage of hepatitis “B” action after their association a super infection arises. Process of two agents’ synthesis happens in liver cells, the mechanism of cells damage from action of this “duet” has not been studied by scientists up to the end. However, there is a version that the integrated viruses change liver cells.

Influence of hepatitis “B” and “D” viruses on liver tissues change specifically is indistinguishable from each other but is characterized by very bright picture of an atrophy of cells which is shown much more strongly than inflammatory process in a liver in general. An atrophy of cells takes mass character, thus emergence of fine fatty drops, which lead to disturbance of a lipid exchange, starts being observed.

Joint actions of two kinds of viral “B” and “D” hepatitis do pathological process of disease more severe. Their interaction can lead to development of hepatic deficiency or transition of the disease to a chronic form which, in turn, can lead to cirrhosis or to the oncologic disease.

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