Diet At Hepatitis

During hepatitis the inflamed liver tissues complicate their supply with blood and worsen removal of bile; it is promoted by aggressive actions of viruses which attack liver cells of and blast them. Liver of the person is the main source of useful substances which arrive from digestive organs therefore the development of the disease and health of the patient mostly depends on what he eats.

In order the treatment of the patient be successful it is recommended:

• To exclude alcoholic drinks from the ration;

• To reduce the use of products containing fats as the injured liver develops not enough bile to split the arriving fat therefore it is necessary to eat meat and fish which don’t contain fat. Besides, it is necessary to refuse margarine, any animal fats and to limit the use of butter;

• To enter the products possessing antioxidant action into the ration; best of all kiwi, lemon, citrus, cucumbers, tomatoes, sweet pepper, carrots, any greenery and nuts will be suitable for this purpose;

• Kefir, cottage cheese and curdled milk are useful; but cream, sour cream, cheese and yogurt render a boomerang effect so it is necessary to exclude them;

• It is worth deleting sauerkraut, bean, garlic, parsley, onion and sorrel from the ration;

• First courses have to be cooked on vegetable or not fat bouillon

• It is necessary to exclude completely sweet pies, ice cream and chocolate, but honey, jam and fruit jelly can be used;

• It is necessary to remove from the menu unconditionally hot spices, smoked products and mayonnaise.

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