Hepatitis “B” Diagnosing and Treatment

On clinic symptoms which present hepatitis “B” it is impossible to distinguish it from other viruses affecting a liver; it can be helped by laboratory blood test only. There are some tests which help to reveal hepatitis “B”; besides, they can also show in what stage there is a disease – in acute or chronic.

The blood analysis is necessary to reveal the antigen of hepatitis which is characteristic just to presence of the infection penetrated into the organism. At chronic illness there is persistent existence of antibodies to the virus “B” in a blood that is the main marker of risk of transition of the infected liver in chronic stage and its further degeneration leading to a cancer and cirrhosis. Besides, it also specifies that all liquids of this patient are highly infectious.

The special way of treatment of the acute stage of hepatitis “B” doesn’t exist. All help of physicians is aimed just on creation of comfort of the patient and his balanced diet.

Chronic patients, who need treatment, are treated with all medicines intended for this purpose including oral. Such treatment is able to stop development of cirrhosis for long time; but in regions where resources are limited, access to treatment is very complicated, and sometimes inaccessible.

If the chronicity of the patient regenerated in a cancer, it almost in 99% cases comes to an end with his death. In the countries with the low level of medicine such patients perish within six months after the diagnosis has been made.

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