Hepatitis “D” Clinic And Preventive Measures

The period of virus reproduction of hepatitis “D” is similar to the incubation period of hepatitis “B” by its clinical components. In case infection happened in common clinical course of illness is completely identical to all clinical symptoms of hepatitis “B virus. Emergence of a severe form of hepatitis with all signs of hepatic deficiency at association of these viruses is fixed almost in thirty percent of cases. The super infection abruptly changes the situation doing it to more severe; for many patients it comes to the end with a hepatic deficiency or chronic form of the disease resulting in fast cirrhosis.

Preventive measures against viral infection with the hepatitis “D” are just the same as at prophylaxis of “B” virus. All actions of health services are referred to the prevention of a tandem of the “B” and “D” viruses capable to cause a super infection.

Groups of risk with viral hepatitis “B” surely receive a preventive vaccination from the hepatitis “D” also. The basic rule for the patients with chronic hepatitis “B” is to be the extremely careful and to keep all prescriptions of doctors not to allow the infection with the virus “D”. In this case exclusive value gets a safety factor from any possible infections (manicure, pedicure, tattoo, piercing and so forth) as to provide the prevention of the infection nor immunization nor vaccination is be able.

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