Hepatitis “C” Chronicity

Approximately two thirds of patients who had an acute hepatitis possess a chronic form of hepatitis which is especially dangerous to the person. “Marker” of something wrong with health is feeling of malaise, high fatigability, disability to live in a former physical rhythm. This symptomatology is not persistent therefore patients make light of it. The chronic patient occasionally has nausea, abdominal pain, joints and muscles pain, diarrhea. Yellowness of cutaneous covers and eye sclera, dark urine, skin itch, weight reduction, splenomegaly and large liver mass usually appear already at advance of a chronic disease.

Several years ago to catch “C” virus was considered as a verdict as the disease was considered incurable. But today, when the medicine promptly develops, appeared an opportunity to reduce efficacy of a virus, slow down the advance of disease and even completely to cure it.

The medicines containing interferon alpha became the main component which helps to save lives of the people who got sick with hepatitis “C”. These proteins intended for fight against the virus; they are generated independently in a human body. However, to overcome the virus of hepatitis “C” it isn’t enough generated protein. Application of an additional shock dose of the medicine containing an interferon in total with other drugs against viruses gives the chance to sick organism to overcome the virus or to increase efficiency of treatment and stop further development of hepatitis.

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